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RACE REPORT MUDS 3, 1st June 2013 @ Universiti Putra Malaysia

The final leg of the Malakoff University Duathlon Series - MUDS 3 in Universiti Putra Malaysia was the hottest yet, with more than 300 participants taking on the beautiful race course within the UPM campus.

In the Men's University race, Lim Shimri from Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia took a strong lead on the 13km bike course and finished first overall in the individual race in 41 minutes, 59 seconds - taking home the University Duathlete of the Year (Men's) title . In the Women's University race, Irene Chong from Universiti Malaya who had the most points over the first two races also came in first in this final leg with the time of 49 minutes, 59 seconds - also taking home the University Duathlete of the Year (Women's) title.

In the Men's Open, Mohamad Allie Helmi from Team First Endurance finished 42 minutes, 17 seconds in first place, while the 12 year old Tamika Baynes from AISM bagged the 1st place title in the Women's Open race, finishing 53 minutes, 49 seconds.

In the Men's Relay race, Team UM Running Club (Muhamad Hifzhudin B Noor Aziz, Fariz Atraz Fauzi, Azwan Bin Bunjing) bagged the first place once again while Team UPNM A (Muhammad Adha Bin Satar, Muhammad Khawarizmi Bin Shokur, Qalillah Binti Qal) took home the first place prize in the Mixed Relay race.

With all the results tallied, Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia proved once again to be the force to be reckoned with as they took home both the Top University and Best University title for the fourth consecutive year.

Well done to all the winners and to the 900 over participants who took part in the entire series. We hope to see you at the upcoming Powerman in Putrajaya, Malaysia (27th October 2013) or in the MUDS again next year!

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RACE REPORT MUDS 2, 18th May 2013 @ Universiti Malaya

Perfect weather for the perfect race - the MUDS 2 @ Universiti Malaya (UM) saw close to 350 participants enjoying the run in the Rimba Ilmu and braving the hills of the "Bukit Cinta" within the UM campus. This race saw quite a few families participating together, from the Baynes family (Australians), to the sisters Hannah and Liyana Kamaruzaman and Mixed team of the "Three Mouseketeers" - with brother and sister Arif and Amanda Bani taking part with their friend Nur Lathefa Sofea.

In the Men's University race, Lim Shimri (UPNM) was given quite the fight by Jason Loh (Multimedia University) towards the end of the second run leg with a close fight at the finish line. Whereas in the Women's University race, UPNM favorite Teh Yong Le felt the weight on her shoulders as the former champion from her Uni, Chan Jun Shen offered 3 barrels of KFC as motivation for her to win the event. Irene Chong (UM) however took a strong lead from the start and maintained towards the end, finishing 9 minutes ahead of Teh Yong Le (UPNM).

In the Men's Open race, Rikigoro Shinozuka held a strong lead from the start and came in first place with a fast time of 48 minutes, 58 seconds. Tam Mei Teng came in first in the Women's Open category, finishing 1 hour, 3 minutes, 51 seconds. While the Kamaruzaman sisters, Liyana and Hannah came in 2nd and 3rd respectively, just 4 seconds apart. The competition between both sisters will most definitely continue on to the final leg in UPM on 1st June.

Team UM Running Club (Muhamad Hifzhudin Noor Aziz, Fariz Atraz Fauzi and Azwan Bunjing) made the Director of the Sports Centre UM, Prof. Madya Dr. Mohd. Salleh Aman proud by coming in first in 46 minutes, 26 seconds in the Men's Relay race. Team UPNM 4 (Nurul Athirah Mahadi, Afif Ariffin, Mohd IkramHakim Mohd Fisol) bagged the top spot for the Mixed Relay Race in 52 minutes, 40 seconds).

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RACE REPORT MUDS 1, 11th May 2013 @ Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia

No rain was the weather forecast for 11th May - and so it was on the morning of the first race of the Malakoff University Duathlon Series @ the Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia (UPNM) campus.

Just under 300 participants turned up to race the 3km run - 13.8km bike - 3km run event, in 5 individual categories (Men's Uni, Women's Uni, Men's Open, Women's Open and Media) and 2 Relay team categories (Men's Relay and Mixed Relay).

The race started at 9.00am sharp with the favorites in the race sprinting on the first run. The lead pack on the way back into the transition area saw 2012 overall University champion Lim Shimri, as well as 2012 Men's open champion Rikigoro Shinozuka and top duathlete Shahrom Abdullah along with a few other hopefuls. The same pack was seen in the 3 lap bike course as well, as the top athletes kept each other in sight, not wanting to lose their standing in the race. The final decider as always was in the last run when Shahrom Abdullah (Men's Open) upped the pace to come into the finish line in 46 minutes, 41 seconds. Lim Shimri (Men's University) was just under a minute after Shahrom finishing 47 minutes, 35 seconds.

In the Women's race, Irene Chong from Universiti Malaya kept a strong lead throughout the race and finished 6 minutes ahead of her contender with the time of 59 minutes, 29 seconds. Sisters Liyana and Hannah binti Kamaruzaman came in just a second after each other with the times 1 hour, 7 minutes, 34 seconds and 1 hour, 7 minutes and 35 seconds respectively, making their daddy very proud. They are both the youngest participants in the Women's Open category thus far.

In the Media category, long time champion Leong Chin Wei from China Press bagged the 1st place title once again finishing 1 hour, 3 minutes, 51 seconds, while teams UPNM 1 (Muhammad Farris Syaza Zamri, Muhammad Khawarizmi Abd Shukor & Mohamad Suhaime Shukor) and UPNM 4 (Nurul Athirah Mahadi, Afif Ariffin & Mohd Ikram Hakim Mohd Fisol ) took home the 1st place prize for the Men's Relay and Mixed Relay category respectively.

The 1st place winners in the University, Open and Team categories received a RM300 product voucher from Mizuno, while the rest of the top winners also received Mizuno products as prizes.

A big thank you to main sponsor Malakoff Corporation Berhad, Host University - UPNM, Official Magazine & Photographer - Cycling Malaysia as well as co-sponsors - Mizuno, Athlete's Circle and Explorer for supporting the race and making it a success.

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Sign up ONLINE for the remaining two races in the series:

MUDS 2 : 18th May 2013 (Saturday) : UNIVERSITI MALAYA (UM)

MUDS 3 : 1st June 2013 (Saturday) : UNIVERSITI PUTRA MALAYSIA (UPM)

Please take note that the MUDS UPM date, earlier scheduled for 4th May, has been changed to 1st June due to the GE13 (Malaysia's 13th General Election) that will take place 5th May. For all those who have signed up and paid for 4th May race, please email us to let us know if you wish to cancel or bring forward your entry fees.
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